Human Resources – Facilities

Since 1979, ECOMED has begun with the design and manufacture of advanced ophthalmic surgical machines, of higher technology than the corresponding imported.


Over the years, the manufacturing and commercial activity extends to the field of Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics with a wide range of devices.

In addition to manufacturing innovative products, ECOMED’s greatest advantage over competition is the direct and effective repair of all kinds of functional failures.


This competitive advantage is due to the existence of highly trained technical staff as well as to ECOMED’s well-equipped laboratories, which are the gold standard for Greece.

ECOMED staff is the cornerstone of the company.


A small but solid group of 15 people make up a mosaic of different knowledge background, abilities, skills and experience, fully responsive in a dynamic evolving industry that requires a high level of expertise.


This is the most critical competitive advantage and the most valuable asset in ECOMED.

The strategic goal of ECOMED is to provide comprehensive technical support oriented to satisfying customer needs for speed, efficiency, reliability and economy. As part of achieving predetermined quality standards, a key promise of technical support department is addressing any technical failure within 24h in mainland Greece and 48h for Insular Greece.

To fulfill this goal, ECOMED invests in ongoing technical education of its staff. Continuous research and participation:

  • in high technology congresses/exhibitions,
  • in international service training of foreign firms,
  • in annual training raised by the provisions of ISO 9001 & 13485


All the above activities enable the design and manufacturing of advanced technology devices and the ability to deal with any technical issue quickly and effectively, for all products belonging to the corporate portfolio.

The fully equipped laboratories create the best preconditions and the ideal circumstances for a perfect productive result, for a pleasant and welcoming environment for both staff and visitors.


The company operates in privately owned facilities lying in 5 independent locations. Our facilities satisfy the needs of in-house production, storage needs for raw materials and finished products and the live demonstration of our products in a specially designed showroom.

The central laboratory accommodates:

  • Research department
  • Production department
  • After sales service department
  • Administrative and financial services (Quality Department, Secretary, Accounting).

For the most efficient operation, the production department consists of:

  • Department of Production Engineering: mechanical, optical, pneumatic, hydraulic.
  • Department of Electronics: Electricals, Automations, Electronics, Software.


The production of individual parts either for new products or in the context of technical support is supported by high precision metrological equipment and the well-equipped workshop of ECOMED, including various machine tools such as milling CNC, turning CNC, grinding, welding and drilling machines.