755nm + 1064nm: The Gold Standard in Hair Removal

Cynosure Elite+ is the most complete hair removal system by combining two wavelengths of 755nm (Alexandrite) and 1064nm (Nd: YAG). Designed for all skin types, offers you the possibility to obtain a wide range of customers.
Elite + removes hair with unparalleled efficiency and comfort for the customer. This is because the revolutionary technology combines two optimal wavelengths in a system: the 755-nm Alexandrite laser and 1064nm Nd: laser YAG.
The 755-nm wavelength with appropriate selection pulse duration is absorbed by melanin in hair and provides permanent hair reduction without causing damage to the epidermis.
The high-powered 1064-nm Nd: YAG is the safest wavelength for permanent removal on darker skin types and tanned skin.

Two wavelengths. Multiple options

Given the ability of the user to switch between two wavelengths during a session, you can choose the most appropriate laser wavelength by pressing a button on any type of hair or skin. Elite+ can also be carried out different type of treatments on the same patient during one session. Therefore there is no need to purchase two separate laser hair removal systems as long as Elite + guarantees both patient safety and provision of best results.
Elite + contributes to the treatment of vascular lesions. The 1064nm is appropriate wavelength to effectively eliminate facial and foot vascular lesions and treating benign epidermal discoloration. Elite + provides amazing results in a non-ablative rejuvenation, active acne and skin tightening and onychomycosis.

Effective, Safe and Fast

Elite + produces high energy flow ensuring deeper penetration, faster treatment sessions and optimal results.
Allowing safe and efficient execution of multiple applications, Elite + assists in increasing your customer flow and your productivity.
Unlike other systems using predefined parameters, Elite + includes a wide range of spot sizes and adjustable pulse durations enabling personalization of therapy to better serve your customers.
The 18mm spot size provides 44% greater coverage per pulse compared to that of 15mm. Also there is a choice of even larger spot sizes – 20mm, 22mm and 24mm. These spot sizes are optional and help you complete your treatments more quickly, increasing your performance and patient throughput

Spectacular Results

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