Unsurpassed efficiency at 755nm

For better customer service Cynosure offers Apogee + with Alexandrite 755nm and pulse duration from 800μs to 300ms.
With the Alexandrite laser at 755nm, Apogee + permanently removes unwanted hair on all skin types. It treats benign epidermal pigment lesions such as aging / sun spots and freckles.
Given the absorption of the Alexandrite wavelength from melanin, Apogee + provides the most effective results.


The ability to customize parameters and pulses of variable duration remove each hair type safely, simply and more effectively, compared to competing products.


Apogee + offers more than 80% permanent removal of unwanted hair after three visits.


The easy upgrade from Apogee + to Elite + by adding the 1064nm Nd: YAG pump chamber allows you to increase the efficiency of your original equipment and expand your capabilities.

The optimum wavelength-Now even faster

Unlike other systems that use predefined parameters, Apogee + includes a wide range of spot sizes and adjustable pulse durations allowing individualization of treatment to better serve your clients’ needs.
The new 18mm spot size @ 20J / cm2 at 2Hz offers twice the coverage at the same time compared to the 15mm at 1.5Hz. Now you can choose even bigger spot sizes – 20mm, 22mm and 24mm. These sizes are optional and help you complete your treatments even faster, increasing your performance and patient throughput

Spectacular results

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