Non Ablative Resurfacing

The revolution in full face resurfacing

ECOMED SA proves once more its manufacturing ability combining the most modern CO2 Ultrapulse Laser System with a Scanner of its own construction with fractional function, for aesthetic applications.


The CO2 Lasers represent the most common Laser for dermatological use. They replaced diathermies and are generally used for coagulations, evaporations, and incisions. The CO2 technology has been upgraded in the last decades.

As Ultrapulse CO2 Lasers work in very short pulse widths(μsec) , they don’t cause great thermal damage and therefore there is no charring of the target tissue. This results in rapid wound healing without side effects or scars

Why Fractional CO2 ECOMED

The ultimate Ultrapulse CO2 Laser

Fractional Scanner made by….ECOMED

Scanning speed beyond the limits

Fractional scanner of ECOMED constitutes the fastest scanner of the market today. It is five times faster than any other equivalent laser. Only 5-6 minutes are sufficient for a full face application.

The Scanner provides a uniform, non-invasive fractional
resurfacing, without anesthesia and minimum downtime at home.

Scanning area

The Scanner scans an area of 18 x 18 mm with 80 μm spot size. The laser with 700 Watt peak power at Ultrapulse mode and pulse duration starting from 100 to 800 μsec, reduces the thermal damage and thus the charring of target tissue, with minimum downtime at home.

Spectacular Clinical Results

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