Cryosurgery Equipment

ECOMED has been designing and manufacturing MICRO CRYO III in its laboratories since 1979.


From the very first years in the market, MICRO CRYO III became well known for its quality and state of the art technology in every Greek University, in almost every hospital and in many private medical offices.


ECOMED is the only manufacturing company of cryo units in Greece, so it is the only one with direct and full service. Ecomed achieved through the years to gain the bigger market share replacing almost all competitive cryosurgery units that dominated until then, either to the public or private sector.

Advantages that last in time

  • MICRO CRYO III is a simple and practical unit, operates without electricity and provides full safety when used.
  • MICRO CRYO III is comprised by the main device, the footswitch, the trolley, the gas cylinder and the probes.
  • MICRO CRYO III uses CO2 or N2O as cooling agent.
  • MICRO CRYO III probes are manufactured with a very sophisticated technology, producing cool only in the peak without using any insulting or electricity, meaning that provides safety and better visual field through the operation.
  • MICRO CRYO III frost and defrost are momentary.
  • MICRO CRYO III probes do not change heads. They are solid, succeeding 30-40% better performance.
  • MICRO CRYO III accepts probes for dermatology, ophthalmology, gynaecology and ENT
  • MICRO CRYO III has replaced diathermy in most of its application. There is no need for regional or general anesthesia (the low temperature has this result).
  • During the fall of the grill, not bleeding is observed.
  • Rapid wound healing without scars (no tissue destruction).

Certified quality

In the context of quality assurance, MICRO CRYO III is certified by a notified certification body (EKAPTY) as to the conformity of the construction with the requirements of the European Directive 93/42/ΕΟΚ/14-6-93 while maintaining a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the standards EN ISO 9001/2008 και ISO 13485/2012.

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