Air Cooling System

The invention that changed the field in laser hair removal

In 1997 ECOMED inspires the medical aesthetics industry by capturing the idea of simultaneous cooling of the epidermis during laser applications, in order to protect it.


The idea is embodied in the construction of ecocool, a cold air generation device, highlighting ECOMED as a worldwide leader in the field.


Skin protection

Ecocool has internal temperature -40 up to -45°C and freezes the epidermis on the surface with temperature air –20°C ±30°C, without causing skin temperature decrease in depth and without reducing Laser output energy.

Ecocool achieves skin protection during applications like: hair-removal, peeling tattoo removal, hemangiomas, wrinkles, etc.


Provision of cooling air acts like anaesthesia, as the aesthetic neuron endings are placed in epidermis, making by that way application really painless.

Comparative advantages

Ecocool is characterized by the following advantages:

It is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t consume any cooling material in order to harm atmosphere or user’s health.

Unfortunately, till nowadays, in violation of European regulation 842/2006, devices that use prohibited cryogenic gases (134A) are in circulation in both the Greek and the European markets. It is proven that these gases are dangerous and harmful to human health and the environment. Their production companies (ATOFINA, DUPONT) document their risk by publishing the Material Safety Data Sheets.


Improves laser performance. The laser performance is greatly increased with the emission of lower energy levels since ecocool reduces the temperature of the skin without affecting the skin’s internal temperature. Smaller amounts of energy also contribute to increasing the life cycle of the laser.

Why ecocool?

It an invention and manufactured by ecomed that over 35 consecutive years has proven the credibility of its products.

Ease of Use / Adaptability to all Lasers


The device is used in all laser types, such as: Alexandrite, Ruby, Nd:YAG, Diode, Erbium, CO2, etc which need cooling to protect the skin and local anesthesia.

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