High Resolution Dermatoscopic System

Ecoscan is the evolution of the most versatile digital imaging system of the skin designed by ecomed for a modern and fulfilled clinic

Unmatched Image Quality

The photographs are taken by two professional high definition cameras.
One camera is used dermoscopy, and the other for normal shooting thus providing the best image quality shown on two screens for even easier management.

Photoshooting using dermoscopic camera

Using the dermatoscopy camera with polarizing filters, warts and skin lesions of interest are taken and displayed directly on to the screen.

Photoshooting using clinic camera

Due to the high definition camera, the specialist is able to check in detail for moles, and the before / after of various treatments such as acne, injectable, vases, peelings.

Degree of risk (score)

The degree of risk (score) of each wart can be checked simultaneously with the rule ABCD and the 7-point checklist, that the physician has safer results.

Quality of diagnosis

The specialist and the patient see together the image on the screen and the doctor explains the diagnosis. The images in the patient record can be easily compared between them, so as to assess their progress, as ecoscan features image filtering.

Ecoscan features special implemented software for automatic and fast trichogram.

Ease of use

  • It has the most easy to use software that requires minimal learning time.
  • The images are saved automatically in the patient record and retrieved very easily, as
  • automatically numbered, thus avoiding time lengthy searches.
  • The patient record can accommodate a large number of photographs.
  • The stored images can be printed with very good print quality.


  • All program features included in the home screen.
  • Friendly and easy-to-use graphical user interface, without requiring special knowledge of using a computer.
  • Filtering and numbering of images is done within a mouse click.


  1. Patient record, medical background, treatment registar, list of suggested treatments, diagnosis registar, list of suggested diagnosis.
  2. Storage of a large number of reference images and macroscopic or dermatoscopic images for every patient.
  3. The patient record can accommodate a large number of photographs.
  4. Comparison between two images with zooming and grid feature for dimension measuring, such as length, surface area and circumference.
  5. Percentage of regenerated hair per photo (trichogram mode).
  6. Patient file can be stored both in internal storage and in a usb stick.
  7. Direct translation from Greek to English.

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