Quad action face rejuvenation

Ecopeel is a device for rejuvenation and light peeling of epidermis. Applications with ecopeel help the skin to produce its own natural collagen and elastin (self-rejuvenation).

Ecopeel provides superior results with no downtime, no erythema and multi-colored blotching against chemical peeling or other micordermabrasion systems.

Why ecopeel?

Technological Excellence

  • It operates with a powerful double action vacuum and pressure pump.
  • The power is adjusted very easily from the regulator on the panel.
  • Light & handy probe. Its special design allows for safe treatments even around the eyes, the mouth and ears without any concern that crystal dust can get into.
  • It has automated cleaning system for filter
  • It never blocks

Immediate & Long term results

From the first treatment session, the skin becomes smoother with ecopeel.

The next day the face is bright and tense as if it has undergone surgical lifting. Depending on the condition of the skin, the perfect clinical outcome comes after 6-7 treatment sessions (1 session / week).

Although it may hurt a little more than other devices, the irritation in the face does not remain more than 10-15 minutes, with all the corresponding devices being from 3-6 days

ecopeel from…diamond

Ecopeel, combining a new line of laser cutting heads, continues to offer the same spectacular results of body and face regeneration. The range of applications covered is exactly the same as with the microcrystal probe even for the most sensitive skins.

Clinical results

The final result is a smooth, fresh and brighter skin with increased elasticity working well with other cosmetics.

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