Cryolipodialysis device for non-invasive applications for adipose tissue reduction without pain and no downtime at home

Special cooling applicators freeze (selectively crystallize) the local fat.
The supply of controlled cooling results in subcutaneous fat destruction (apoptosis), leaving the epidermis and surrounding tissues intact.

Through the natural function of apoptosis, the adipocytes are eliminated without burdening body’s function. This process continues for up to 90 days afterwards.


Why ecocryo;

Application areas

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks (Love Handles)
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Arms
  • Back

Handmade…by ecomed

The quality of the construction and the materials used in ecocryo guarantee an excellent product effect. The manufacturing process differs even from the usual practices followed by the largest international factories.

Each device is a unique piece that most of it is made by hand. Hydraulic and electronic connections, wiring, welding as well as the placement of certified premium materials purchased by the most famous suppliers.
All of the above make ecocryo to be accompanied by a 3-year warranty, the largest than any other foreign manufacturer.

Unmatched efficiency

The device uses big and flat applicators with mild suction so that:

  • Due to the large cooling surface, more adipocytes are destroyed than other equivalent devices, and therefore better result in local fat reduction is achieved.
  • It has the best skin contact
  • The skin is not sucked violently into a tight funnel like most devices avoiding bruises, grooves and folds(loose skin) on the application area

Ecocryo can work simultaneously with 2 applicators for:

  • Coverage of a larger area of application at the same time
  • Ability to apply to 2 people simultaneously in the same session

Safety to the maximum

  • The totally controlled temperature and its reduction ratio is achieved with three microcontrollers specially constructed and programmed for the specific device.
  • Many sensors on each applicator give total reliability and eliminate the risk of injury.
  • The temperature displayed on the screen corresponds to the actual skin temperature +/- 1°C.


  • The inducement of burns or any other side effects is eliminated
  • The skin is not affected, but only the adipose subcutaneous tissue.

Ergonomic design

  • The applicators can be used on different areas than their nominal, depending on the anatomy of the application area

  • The ergonomic design of ecocryo, from the manufacturing stage to assembly of all its components, offers comfort and safety for both the user and the patient while promising amazing results.
  • The applicator design was based not only on the size and the body’s dimensions, but also on the anatomy-morphology of the body areas where they are applied.
  • The ecocryo in full equipment is accompanied by 5 different applicators for better fit in every area of the body.

  • There is ability to manufacture applicators with different anatomy on demand.


Innocation….Made in Greece

At ECOMED, we believe in “Made in Greece”. Since 1979, both with our constant manufacturing activity and with the establishment of international partnerships with global leaders, we have managed to make ECOMED synonymous with the term INNOVATION.

From theory into action

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