Innovative technology for Face and Body

Cell Q Carbo promises surprising results in dealing with Cellulite and local fat in just few sessions.


  • Reduces cellulite and local fat
  • Removes streaks, acne scars, dark circles
  • Delivers volume and firmness to thin skin
  • Stops skin loosening and wrinkles

Πλεονεκτήματα του Carbo

  • 4 different injection lines
  • Independent setting of each injection line
  • Infusion temperature control: Eliminates pain with temperatures from 25 ° C to 35 ° C
  • Adjustable output power
  • Easy adjustment of injection volume
  • AGS Accurate Gas Control System
  • Automatic injection (without multiple tweaks !!)
  • Economical with minimal operating costs

Action mechanism

By injecting CO2, adipose tissue swells due to gas pressure and breaks down into its components

Also with the CO2 injection, the drainage of the lipocytes is activated as the microcirculation of the blood is increased due to the swelling of the capillaries due to the sense of lack of oxygen

Clinical Results

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